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Digital Workplace &
Technology Consulting

In today’s digital workplace, users are working across virtual, physical and connected environments — Furthermore, today, every business is to some degree a digital business. But effective digital businesses, according to Gartner, are the ones that blend the digital and physical worlds in new ways to gain business advantage—for example, to boost productivity, enhance products, create new services, and provide better customer service. Digital business is not just a matter of deploying technology, although technology is certainly crucial.

Digital is about the convergence of people, business, and things that disrupt existing business models. Digital disruption is the inevitable product of an effective digital business, much as a shockwave is the inevitable product of a supersonic flight. And, while many digital businesses are just getting started, the impact of digital disruption is already all around us.


Digital transformation will look different for every company then it can be hard to pinpoint a definition that applies to all. However, in general terms, we define digital transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

A digital workplace is a central hub for collaboration, information-sharing, and communication of all kinds. It’s cloud-based blend of a physical work environment and a corporate intranet solution that houses the functionality and processes of disparate systems into a platform that works for all users, and whose applications operate together seamlessly.

Mobile devices and the apps they run have become part of modern life. They are providing new expectations of how we interact with each other and the services we consume. The rise of wearable technology is even helping to redefine our relationship with ourselves.


Building the strategy for
the competitive advantage

Building intuitive experiences has a profound effect on productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention. You have a unique opportunity to drive innovation and help shape the modern workplace, while enjoying the benefits of a more standardized and efficient workflow.

Focus on your own digital touch points: How much more could you empower your business users while keeping the experience simple and intuitive? Are you taking full advantage of the context a mobile device can give to personalize your service? Are you facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration?

By using Agile Applications for both apps and applications, speed to market and agility have become primary competitive advantage. Streamlining your ability to procure, develop, provision, and manage apps (and applications) will give you a huge advantage in keeping pace with rapid business change.