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Enterprise IT has become an integral part of any business environment. It is imperative that an enterprise system must serve the company’s strategy, organization, and culture, so that the business may fully harness its benefits. As an independent systems integrator, Infimedia leverages its strong relationships with leading partners or hardware and software principles to provide best-in-class solutions and deliver a complete suite of enterprise solutions aligned to the customer's business objectives and priorities.

Our integration solutions are based on extensive cross-industry experience and expertise involving new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers which can be readily adapted for future requirements. Furthermore, our Enterprise Integration services are specifically designed to deliver measurable results, and strike the right balance between business and IT needs. We provide at integrating your applications and services across your enterprise to help seize new business opportunities with flexible application of integration technology.

Enterprise Service Bus Implementation

For large organizations that have more than one IT system, we offer a full-cycle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation. We enable service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on the most up-to-date both Open Source and commercial ESB products. You benefit from the full-cycle service which includes ESB development, deployment and stabilization, full technical documentation, further system improvements including support and maintenance.

Data Management Services

Digital businesses are built to leverage data, and these frequently cited examples of modern digital business success are companies so many others want to emulate. But working with vast streams of messy data can be a challenge for enterprise organizations, and it's only getting tougher as more data is created and collected. Business users want to be able to use this data to get a clear picture of customers, products, and more, but in order to do so that data must be managed across multiple systems -- systems that are not necessarily compatible. These systems do not look at data in the same way. That is why data management is so important to enterprise companies and to their IT organizations.

Enterprise Mobile Application and other Multiple Points Integration

With Enterprise Application Integration, we streamline business processes and data connecting multiple applications for a seamless functioning to allowing enterprises to focus on core business processes and innovation. We provide integration solutions to ensure data interchange across web, mobile, desktop, as well as cloud applications. Our team can understand your business requirements to enhance efficiency and deliver intelligent integrations.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Development and Implementation

We provide ECM solutions for your content driven business processes across the enterprise. Our ECM solutions provide new value from previously unstructured and unavailable data. When effectively managed across the organization, content can be used to engage customers, automate business processes and enhance collaboration. We also offer a suite of advisory and consulting services to help evaluate readiness and create a roadmap, and further the solutions that enable an organization to leverage customer information and company knowledge in its content.