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Infimedia IT Managed Service is an approach and practice where we assist businesses by proactively monitoring IT issues. We resolve all the issues related to client’s server both on-premise and cloud/virtual, enterprise storage, networks, software, hardware, and endpoint/BYOD support to improve business operations. IT Managed Services can improve efficiency, reliability and security – scaling your IT support to the level your organization truly needs while doing so in a cost-effective manner. IT Managed Services allows organizations to bring together specialized skillsets and capabilities to enable business strategies and growth initiatives. Infimedia has all the expertise that manages your IT department professionally and our services are available at very competitive price. Our managed services are governed by strict Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees the level of service a customer can expect in terms of system uptime and application delivery/performance. We execute strategies and frameworks that move IT to an “as-a-service” model, while enhancing the workflow, optimizing cost, and reducing risk, so you could see a faster return on your IT investment.


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Benefits of Our IT Managed Services

Stay focus on your business

This is one of a key managed services benefit is helping you stay focus on your business, work as usual and let us deal with the complex IT situations and issues. Your business deserves to run well at its highest efficiency, and that can only be done when your IT system and networks are also well-managed and maintained.

Lower Cost

The ultimate benefit of IT managed services model its ability to lowering the business costs because IT Service Provider will help minimize the chance of expensive Network disasters, IT System and Network down/failure and any other condition that will stop the business.

Reduce Risk

Every investment your business makes carries a certain risk. Government regulations, technologies, markets, financial conditions and markets all change at a rapid pace. When you utilize an IT Service Provider, we manage a lot of this risk for you because of our industry knowledge and experience in this areas such as compliance, security issues and so on.

Vendor and Procurement Management

While you stay focus on your business, we can assist you deal with the software and hardware vendors, so you don’t need to deal with vendor directly which probably having a complicated in technical conversations. We will perform extensive research to evaluate and confirm what your company requires with the best values and performance. Finally, we can help with setting up the configuration and installation.



Responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware / software and related infrastructure including maintenance of your operating system, database servers and application



Establishing the support/helpdesk, monitoring and maintaining the IT systems and networks within an organization, providing advice and problem-solving service in timely manner



Constantly monitoring the whole IT System, networks and constantly reporting for the reactive, proactive and preventive reports in weekly/biweekly/monthly, etc.



Provide training by certified trainer or expert as a part of the post project completion and change management or custom training based on request



Licensed to provide strategic hardware planning, design and deployment including hardware sizing and setting in line with dedicated project planning



Keeping IT system, networks and data in well-secured with fully deployed security solutions, including firewall management, VPNs, and intrusion detection monitoring system, etc.


A minor defect within IT section in your company can affect to your business. Now you do not have to wait for something to go wrong and then you contact a provider in the rush situation. We do not let anything happen to your IT infrastructure and application in the very first place. With efficient managed IT service, we offer our clients an access to management expertise, best practice, project management, processes and engineering experience supported by effective tools that allow them deliver efficiently and earn credibility. We are a customer centric IT service provider where we take complete responsibility of our client’s IT challenges and are always prepared to offer on-site IT solutions that can take the business to a new level. The main focus of Infimedia Managed IT Service is to keep your IT system operational running by totally maintaining it from time to time and letting the company focus on growing business and


Our long-term plan allows you build an environment for growth in the long-run. Responsive help desk support and proper tools are available. We offer a variety of managed IT services, from desktop management, asset management, data center management, service desk/IT Support, application management, network management to security management.

We take care of our own training, without transferring any costs to your company. We update our skills and offerings, before you even know you need them. Also, if a skilled IT employee leaves, they will take all of their experience, skills, certification and knowledge of your company with them. You have to spend cost and effort to hire, train and acclimate a new employee. With our IT managed service, we will make sure our skills are always 100% up-to-date, certified, experienced and in line with what today’s businesses need.