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With simple online collaboration tools, you’ll have better approval mechanism for your content while storing your digital assets into one place in O365. This will allow your marketing team members to collaborate with co-workers, vendors and customers simply and effectively. Marketing in a digital world with multiple media channels, contacts, social media and content is very challenging.

Our Marketing Portal provides an operational portal for marketing teams to track campaigns, events, collateral, documents, activities and related tasks. This is a SharePoint runs on Office 365. Accessing third-party marketing tools for email campaigns, graphic design, or social media with the portal tools icons. Employees can submit service requests and access content through the Marketing Portal.

Through Marketing Portal, let the marketing team organize and manage campaigns and projects through a single portal that is a part of the overall Digital Workplace.

Track and Manage Activities

Marketing departments have a unique business process. The have flow of new activities, different types of campaigns, collateral creation, website development, and social media marketing. Our Marketing Portal can provide staff with the tools to track the projects and all related content, processes, and content. Furthermore, the common features are:

  • Easy to manage events and campaigns from creation to completion.
  • Share relevant link, documents, images, calendars, media, tasks, budget items, and vendor contacts.
  • Manage database lists, social media calendars, and messaging.
  • Connect to email marketing, social media tools and other services.
  • Oversee the results in a dashboard management system.

Our Marketing Portal is designed to be a central hub for bringing structure to all marketing activities.

Drive Creativity and Collaboration

As a Digital Workplace applications, our Marketing Portal powered by SharePoint and the new powerful collaboration tools of Office 365. From the staff portal, the marketing team can seamlessly use Groups, OneDrive, Planner, and Video. It can also be connected with favorite marketing tools like HubSpot and social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

With Power BI, you can measure web traffic by using Google Analytics or other tools. Unlike similar products, our Marketing Portal combines marketing administration and collaboration in the Digital Workplace.