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Next Generation SharePoint Helpdesk

SharePoint IT Support is a simple and an effective SharePoint helpdesk application that includes helpdesk, change management, IT Asset tracking, calendar, discussions and technical documents management. An End User portal makes it easy to submit tickets, access a knowledge base, documents and training links.

When using our SharePoint Department Portal it creates a collaborative IT portal which merges team collaboration with application process.

Provide better IT service and response to employees, optimize productivity for IT staff, and provide visibility to management with SharePoint IT Support.

SharePoint IT Support includes a full-featured SharePoint helpdesk that is integrated with asset tracking and change management applications. When new cases are submitted, email alerts are routed to the appropriate staff. The case resolution life cycle is covered from assignment to completion.

Interactive, real-time response is now possible from helpdesk staff who can connect directly with users by Skype to chat or share screens. Easily set notifications for escalation, overdue, or high priority cases using Smart Alerts.

Operational case management is easy with flexible case reports, dashboards, and filtered views by staff, category, or any delineation.

Empower users through self-service

The first step toward improved productivity in IT is to offer an operational portal for employees to access services to resolve issues themselves. IT Portal helps employees solve issues with a knowledge base or FAQ before submitting a request. It also comes with a document library with reference cards or a video list with tutorials. If employees need to submit a case, make it easy for them with simple forms. Let employees know the status through the IT portal and automated email notifications. Outside of SP IT Support, cases can be submitted by email or mobile device. It's all about self-service functionality and enhanced communication during the process of IT cases.

Integrated teamwork for IT staff

The IT Staff Support provides a team collaboration site complete with calendar, document libraries, task tracking that can even connect to specific tickets, discussions, an internal knowledge base, and announcements. All of this is integrated with IT applications, such as a helpdesk, asset tracking, and change management. You can even keep track of IT vendors and contacts. The IT Staff Portal becomes the functional hub for the IT team to excel to new levels of productivity.

IT Support/Helpdesk Workflow

IT Support/Helpdesk workflow contains five states: Open Ticket, In Progress, Resolve Request, Close Ticket and Reopen Ticket.

Workflow States Definitions

  • Open Ticket - The request has been submitted by the user and awaits Technician action
  • In Progress - Technician (Assignee) actively working to resolve request
  • Resolve request - Request has been resolved by Technician and awaits Requester action (Close or Re-open)
  • Close ticket - The request is considered as finished, the resolution is correct (can be reopened anytime)
  • Reopen ticket - The request was resolved, but the resolution is incorrect.