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eProcurement System in The Digital World

Our e-Procurement System (called Integra eProcurement) is built and designed through transformation engagements which are led by procurement experts and supported by a modern framework comprising our sophisticated methodologies, a rich knowledge base of best practices, benchmarks and market research intelligence capabilities.

"Digital procurement to empower your employees and suppliers. Simplify the buying experience, achieve high adoption and manage all spend."

We differentiate ourselves as an e-Procurement product specialist not just only a software specialist throughout the transformation journey. In our engagements, we typically run a parallel track of strategic sourcing to help our clients deliver lasting financial results while they build internal capabilities.

Start your journey at any point in the process and all our solutions work seamlessly with your ERP system(s) and you can have best practices for your unique profile or easily configure to meet your requirement.


e-Procurement System is a kind of business tools that helps to automate the purchasing and procurement process of organizations. Our product has adopted local regulation and international best-practice of procurement system. This is a part of an integral system of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution which linkage beyond Vendor Management System (VMS), Procurement/Tender Management System (PMS), Catalogue Management System and Contract Management System (CMS). Those include automation of internal ordering processes, online catalogs from approved vendors/suppliers, and an electronic Request for Proposal (e-RFP) process that leverages online auctions (e-auctions) to accumulate bids on providing better quality, delivery and price of goods and services.

Integra eProcurement System Innovation that matters Let the system do, not us.


[Source to Pay Concept] - Effective procurement relies on effective sourcing.

> By using our Modern eProcurement System, the process begins with analyzing spend the product or service requirement followed by developing a sourcing strategy and contract management. You can standardize the mapping of all source-to-contract processes throughout your company from RFx and auctions to contract generation. Source-to-contract is more than just a process with a beginning and an end at contract signature.


> Our Procure to Pay life cycle has become a standardized process for the procurement practitioners and service providers. It has become part of the modern way for making business operation more efficient handling from requisition to approval, automated three-way matching and exception handling, supplier communication and relationship management, payment, and reporting.

> Strategic sourcing or contract management, or any other procurement process compliance is key to ensuring sustainable results from procurement transformation initiatives. We adopt a continuous improvement approach toward compliance management that incorporates compliance tracking, identification of non-compliance levers, and an action plan for compliance improvement. We offer customized dashboards for client-specific processes to simplify and optimize compliance management.

Engaging effectively with suppliers is essential but often a buying organisation can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of interactions with all their suppliers, including keeping supplier profiles and catalogues up to date, requesting quotes, issuing tender documents, handling PO and invoice transactions, monitoring contract dates and terms and answering questions about payment status.


The success of any procurement organization depends on how effectively it can execute on its sourcing strategies. Our sourcing platform is mainly enabling purchase event owners to define tender scheme, tender items, evaluation criteria, and to assign workflow tasks among colleagues.

Gain a competitive edge by simplifying the sourcing process

Spend Analytics, provides comprehensive advanced reporting and analytics available through internal reports that provide visibility on the entire supply chain and help to provide direction on potential optimization opportunities. Our Spending Management System can also provide budgets control analysis, owner estimate reports, and any other reports related to procurement performance consumed by Management.


Strategic Sourcing, makes it easy to find the right suppliers for your business through easy-to-use and intuitive sourcing tools. Collaborating across buyer specialist to evaluate vendors/suppliers authoring new RFPs and award contracts. Leverage the full potential of supply markets and maximize the value of your spend by increasing competition for your business. At the end, it will lead you to your favored purchasing channels, ensuring that you buy the right products at the right price from the right supplier, through a correct and approved route.

  •  Manage sourcing projects better
    Define and track project progress, teams involved, communication, documents,tasks, dependencies and more.

  •  Easier collaboration among buyer specialist and other employee (end-users)
    Gather project requirements and collaborate with flexible workflows.

A simple, collaborative and powerful solution to meet any sourcing needs

Sourcing Projects & RFx Authoring with Work flow Approval

Our solution has proven to be extremely efficient in helping us manage complex sourcing processes and getting huge saving opportunities.


  •   Get better define and track project progress, teams involved, communication, documents, tasks, dependencies and more.

  •   Get faster while creating or reusing different types of RFx (RFI/RFP) templates and workflows

  •   Achieve the best outcome Analyze all scenarios by scoring and comparing bids, optimization, split awards by percent, quantity or value and simply flip an RFX into a Contract

Real time Auctions

An auction can be a highly effective sourcing tool for the company and then shortlisted vendors/suppliers can be invited to the final auction stage for real-time competitive bidding. With our modern framework allow you to make a custom-configurable e-Reverse Auction scheme. Usually there are two scheme of e-Reverse Auction, remote and room auction method. For remote auction the bidders will bid from their office remotely. And for room auction, the bidders will be placed in the bid-room to do an auction.

  • Simply cost-reduction and efficient way for company and bidders

  • Can help bring greater value and transparency to the sourcing process

  •   Using modern framework to get a custom-configurable the Reverse Auction judgment criteria such as weight percentage scheme, the lowest price is the winner, etc.

  •   Our system has proven to ensure the security and confidentiality for each bidders

Response of Evaluations & Manage Bill of Materials (BOM) life cycle

Our concept is evaluation made easy. This evaluation module is the most advanced vendor/supplier response evaluation package available today.

Just simply click to the vendor/supplier portal to get into the Evaluation Forum and you got the information you need include managing the Bill of Material that will be used to the tender submission.

  • Scoring methodology can be set

  •  Evaluate Non-cost factors associated such as risk, delivery and performance associated to selected suppliers for better understanding the impact on the product

  • Assign and notify to evaluation committee

  • Automatic conflict of interest declarations by evaluators can be set

Simply Quick Quotes

Our concept is submission made. This feature also gets vendor/supplier easier to submitting the quotes includes the attachment (if any) via vendor/supplier portal.

  •  Request vendor/supplier to submit the confirmed quotation or tender proposal based on predefined RFP to the dedicated email address which is usually clearly defined in advance.


Procurement Planning blended with spend management system (spend analytic) is usually started by knowing the Purchase Requisition (PR). This is not only the first step in the procure-to-pay process but is a vital tool in enterprise buying when used correctly. When you look at a supplier record, you can see all your past sourcing activity. You can even look at a sourcing event to dive into each vendor/supplier details whenever you want. Integra-eProc gives you instant access to detailed vendor/supplier profiles, including past performance database.

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) consist of Vendor Registration, Vendor Profile Information and Vendor Evaluation. The key objective for this module is to get the valid vendor list complete with detail credential and qualification. Further reducing risk and fraud from the beginning of tendering process. Our VMS module is built by using modern web-based and SOA ready technology with capability integrates with the most leading ERP, Sourcing and Procurement platforms. Collaborate with them to get accurate information, assess risk and improve performance while informing all procurement activities.


Vendor Information System

  •   Get a 360-degree view into all supplier activity across source-to-pay and ensure all processes are informed with accurate supplier, risk and performance data.

  •   Self-service Portal Simple On-Boarding process for new vendor/supplier and becoming such a central information exchange include database of vendors/suppliers with workflows for collection, verification, acceptance and update of their data.

  •  Collect and validate information Let your suppliers provide you with the information you need including Legal Credential, Certifications, Qualifications, Financial Exposures, HSE Health Safety Environment (for Oil and Gas, Mining Industry) and more features.

Vendor Evaluation System

  • Vendor performance evaluation and reports

  • Vendor Monitoring and Audit

  • Vendor Document Validation and Control Management (blacklisted and track record system)

Vendor Issues Management System

  •  Tracking and resolving issues across all supplier activities such as delivery, invoices or non-compliance to SLA linkage with Contract Management System, Tender Code and Vendor Code

  •   Fast resolution for such a follow up issues, actions and review required documents with validation workflow

  •   Real-time tracking for all related issues, real-time alerts on issues and resolutions include receiving message and notifications


Manage the full lifecycle of your contracts and ensure the contract data is linking with all procurement activities. The concept is easy to manage and monitor and lock in value, manage all your contract processes in one place

Our Contract Management System provides a central place for all supplier contracts to be monitored and implemented, providing clear visibility and allowing for automated reminders.

A procurement contract will involve the procurement manager, several buyer specialists, the legal department, appointed and authorized person for giving contract signature. From the procurement department desk may want to offer some inputs to the contract terms. From Legal department, will provide the main structure of the contract, in the meantime your category team and buyers may have specific service-level and pricing requirements. Senior team members may ask for inputs and then review and select the edits they want to use. The key point here is Tender Code and Vendor Code.

Contract Authoring & Templates

With the contract authoring tools, help you collaborate among buyer specialist and vendors/suppliers to create effective contracts that drive more value.

  •   Get easy and faster of contract creation Create contracts quickly from templates or directly from a sourcing of RFP for certain project and use the clause library to build an approved contract.

  •   Contract workflows creation Create or leverage different contract workflows based on the type of project, commodity, or value allocation of the contract.

Intelligent Contract Repository

Intelligent and intuitive contract management tools developed and designed to keep stay on the correct stage for every contract generated across contracts life cycle

  •   Contract Repository Find the contracts you need, including PDFs, Excels, PPTs, then manage contract hierarchies and parent-child relationships.

  •   Link to procure-to-pay process Generate requisitions and invoices directly from contracts.

  •  Keep informed on the key milestones Manage contract commitments and milestones in one place and get reminders as critical renewal, expiration dates approach, contract cancellations, contract close-out, etc.

Contract Monitoring and Source-to-Pay Integration

Contracts must be monitored, and their compliance and utilization must be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis. The objective is to drive savings leads to sourcing. Sourcing leads to supplier selection and negotiation, and the offered terms are what drive the savings, finally the productivity increased.

  •   Manage Price List and Catalogs Collaborative with suppliers to ensure users find what they need

  •   Manage accurate items and prices You or your supplier can create and manage catalogs while always ensuring accurate pricing and zero errors for both products and services.

  •   Create workflow approval Compare item prices and use workflow approval prior to creating and confirming into the catalog.

  •  Catalogs managed by vendors/suppliers Let your vendor/suppliers ensure that their products and services are up-to-date.

Contract Compliance Tracking, Utilization and Reporting

Our eProcurement System can track your purchase orders against the contract and report on price or other variances between contract and invoice.

  •   Generate valuable reports Manage and report on key negotiated terms of your contracts and track compliance at the line level on requisitions, orders and invoices.

  •   Provide comprehensive tracking and reporting for contract compliance and contract utilization.

Contract Auto Alert and Reminders

The system will tell you what should be done in the right time.

  •   We have developed the automatically alerts when a contract is due for periodic review or is about to expire.

  • By using Out of the Box solution, we can customize alerts and reminders


Catalogue Management System

Empower vendors/suppliers to instantaneously transmit changes in pricing and product information, and make new products available at the earliest opportunity.

  • Catalog can be easily reviewed, approved or rejected prior to publishing

  • Get easily updates the product or services made by vendors/supplier

  • Registered vendor/suppliers may offer their price through e-Auction/e-Bidding

  • Blanket Order module enabling multiple purchases into a single blanket order and provides insights for procurement teams to negotiate buying terms.


Our Procure-to-Pay (P2P) system is designed to make processes seamless and efficient. The concept is simple and flexible. Furthermore, it is designed to provide organizations with control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction, providing full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments.

An automated system and flexible procure-to-pay foundation is key to enabling and sustaining broader Procurement value. Linking P2P to the overall source-to-pay process is a best practice for entire procurement life cycle. Empower users with a digital buying experience and streamline the full accounts payable process, while integrating seamlessly with your ERP system.


The steps that are generally involved in the procure-to pay-cycle

Purchase Requisition

We automate the entire procurement process enabling faster and start with more compliant requisitions, orders, approvals and goods receiving.

  •  Flexible, able to integrate with your ERP or operate as a stand-alone platform

  • Easy to use due to intuitive process increases user adoption quickly

  • Compliance, centralized and controllable purchasing process

  •  Powerful search to help employees find products and services they need

Budget Tracking System

With our eProcurement system, you may control and manage budgets your way

  •   Seamless integration with ERP system Easily import and load budgets from your financial system and configure chart of accounts.

  • Manage budgets by fiscal year, cost center, organization, project, etc.

  •   Budget analysis Conduct budget line spend analysis based on progress and know all usage against a budget.

Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Vendors/suppliers can remotely download purchase orders and acknowledge the purchase order.

  •   Downloadable PO or through the Supplier Portal or by clicking a button directly in their email

  •   Automate the creation of multiple orders from one requisition and manage PO by type with specific workflows

  •  Buyers can track the status of their requisition from submission through multi-stage approval, through flipping into a purchase order, submission to the supplier, acknowledgement by the supplier, to Delivery Note (DN), finally recording the invoice


Accepting the physical shipment and entering the accepted order into inventory, tracking, and accounting systems.

  •   Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Vendors/Suppliers can use receipts as ASNs or use workflow, minimizing re-entry of data.

  •   Workflow for all scenarios Whether total or partial receipts for short-shipments, backorders or quality issues, configure workflow to meet your needs.

  •  Use your mobile device Complete and convenient receiving capabilities via your smartphone.

  • Simple Returns (for Goods) Process returns through similar forms.

Intelligent Invoice Management

This module is designed and built to manage the full procurement process — from source to payment until payment done.

  •   Make it easy for Finance Division and AP (Account Payable) team, and even your vendors/suppliers to manage invoices more efficiently

  • Automate invoice validation via full integration with Accounts Payable (AP).

  •  Multi-way invoice matching capabilities or commonly using 3-Way Matching Method

  •  Capability of breaking down the order in terms of quantity, price or any discounts of negotiated price.

Advance Services Procurement

Manage your services spend and vendors/suppliers, further to ensure compliance and evaluate services and keep track of service delivery, milestones or contractual terms. Use scorecards to evaluate performance from associated empoyees.

  •   Capture or request service needs Capture contingent labor profiles, skill levels, delivery location, duration, milestones and rate cards – either from templates or hiring managers.

  •  Fulfill services Order SOW-based services directly off established SOWs and contracts or initiate Spot Bids right from apurchase request.

  •  Collaborate with vendor/suppliers Enhanced collaboration with vendors/suppliers for services provisioning including evaluation, assignment, on-boarding, time-sheet, invoicing and profiles.

Account Payables

The final step in the procure-to-pay process is focused on handling the purchase order for payment, sending the payment, and entering the amount into accounting systems

  • Capture the invoice from the system from any submitted invoice

  •  Integrate with ERP Financial/Accounting module and Contract Management System for payment shuttlement, penalty notification and calculation