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Businesses frequently have to deal with the challenge of facilitating an efficient flow of important information in today’s business environment in order to achieve productive communication and cooperation.

An intranet portal can be used by employees as a central meeting point for all information needed in day-to-day operations. Intranets should be user-centric and serve the employee. This means the intranet has a big job, to serve everyone from the CEO down to the people who are hands on with customers. Furthermore, an intranet can be a great vehicle to automate procedures and tasks, educate employees, provide a sense of community, and solve unique business pains, automating the process and eliminating paper- driven procedures.

Building the Intranet Portal usually followed by some of the most common goals, which are :

  • To improve internal communication – Your goal is to communicate information, like news, announcements, and project updates, to the people inside your organization. You want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.
  • To manage organizational knowledge / content – You want to manage the creation, distribution, and use of organizational knowledge. Your goal is to capture and then make the knowledge and information in your organization easy to find and use. This could be internal (for your employees) and/or external (for your customers or partners).
  • To engage people in an online community – You want to connect and engage the people inside (employees) or outside (customers, partners) your organization. Your goal is to connect people, let them communicate, and share information.

An intranet portal can be

used by employees as a

central meeting point for

all information needed in

day-to-day operations.

Key benefits of Infimedia

intranet packages:

  • Using Modern Platform
  • Based on the leading, time-tested Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online (O365) platform.
  • An easy-to-use and user-friendly solution.
  • An adaptable and customizable solution for specific needs of specific businesses.

Enterprise Content Management with Office 365

Office 365 on the cloud makes file storage and document collaboration more people-centric, with touch-based experiences across devices and improved mobile access to the contents, peoples, and applications.

Business Process Automation

Reduce number of manual, time-consuming, repetitive business process management tasks can lead to productivity and efficiency gains, as staff can shift their focus from low impact activities to more strategic, fulfilling projects.

Intranet and Extranet Portal

Create a public facing portal to showcase your content or an internal portal for your employees and specific external stakeholders to work collaboration.

Collaboration Tools

SharePoint powers sharing and collaboration on the intranet. Collaborate effortlessly with secure access to important sites, files, data, and applications. Offers modern communication and collaboration tools that help build a connected workplace.

Project Management Tools

Use SharePoint's built in tools to create and maintain task, issues, calendars and numerous projects. Manage projects and tasks across teams and departments.

Office Networking

Create home page to keep a track of organization news, events, recruitments, documents, tasks and more.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Perfect place to store and share reports by using PerformancePoint Service and BI Dashboards to bring together information and processes.

Enterprise Search in Portals

SharePoint Search provide an experience search experience and help employee find just what they need.