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Businesses frequently have to deal with the challenge of facilitating an efficient flow of important information in today’s business environment in order to achieve productive communication and cooperation.

An intranet portal can be used by employees as a central meeting point for all information needed in day-to-day operations. Intranets should be user-centric and serve the employee. This means the intranet has a big job, to serve everyone from the CEO down to the people who are hands on with customers. Furthermore, an intranet can be a great vehicle to automate procedures and tasks, educate employees, provide a sense of community, and solve unique business pains, automating the process and eliminating paper- driven procedures.

Building the Intranet Portal usually followed by some of the most common goals, which are:

  • To improve internal communication – Your goal is to communicate information, like news, announcements, and project updates, to the people inside your organization. You want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on.
  • To manage organizational knowledge / content – You want to manage the creation, distribution, and use of organizational knowledge. Your goal is to capture and then make the knowledge and information in your organization easy to find and use. This could be internal (for your employees) and/or external (for your customers or partners).
  • To engage people in an online community – You want to connect and engage the people inside (employees) or outside (customers, partners) your organization. Your goal is to connect people, let them communicate, and share information.

An intranet portal can be

used by employees as a

central meeting point for

all information needed in

day-to-day operations.

Key benefits of Infimedia

intranet packages:

  • Using Modern Platform
  • Based on the leading, time-tested Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online (O365) platform.
  • An easy-to-use and user-friendly solution.
  • An adaptable and customizable solution for specific needs of specific businesses.

Technology and Tools

Technology and Tools. Building the modern intranet which align with your current organization’s goals, it must be based on the reality of your current technology landscape


Prioritization. Like how important and difficult is the feature to intranet users which impact to the cost, how much business value does a given feature delivered

Intranet Road Map & Strategy

Intranet Road Map and Strategy. We have to strategize and do the business objectives analysis describes how the intranet design project will contribute to corporate priorities

Today's employees expect to have their a digital workplace available to them no matter where they are in the world. Therefore, to work productively your business systems need to be available anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based solutions such as SharePoint allow organizations to access their documents all over the world; with the security of on premise solutions as standard. solutions as standard.

In today’s digital world, organizations are increasingly using mobile platforms to build competitive advantage and add value to their business. Whether you need to communicate with your global employees, create an application to impprove your business processes, or an external application that allows you to share content with your customers, you can create real business value with a mobile app.

For organizations are looking to better streamline their business processes, there's no better tool than the social intranet. An intranet not only allows employees to work from remote locations with minimal issue, but it can be used as a channel for a variety of business functions, such as internal communication, document management, team collaboration, and content creation, among others.

We have developed modern intranet and mobile intranet to our clients based on their requirements and usually building the intranet should align with the company goals. For our Mobile Intranet solution, remote users can be in touch and online using our mobile intranet access or by accessing the regular web version of your intranet from a mobile browser. Our mobile intranet access gives mobile users the mobility to stay in touch with the latest company news, activities and communications of the office without having to be physically present to respond and contribute. Our Mobile Intranet solution enable all of your staff to access knowledge, collaborate, and stay informed whenever and wherever they choose. With our mobile intranet solution provided by both a fully responsive web interface and through native mobile apps.

Infimedia has created apps for a range of clients to help them with their varying business needs includes using SharePoint Platform. Our team of consultants, developers and designers will be with you from start to finish, ensuring your mobile application solution meets your business needs exactly. We have a history of helping our clients build mobile applications which increase business value and aid productivity and collaboration.